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Portland most commonly refers to:
Portland, Oregon, largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest region
Portland, Maine, largest city in the U.S. state of Maine, in the New England region
Isle of Portland, England, a peninsula in the English Channel
Portland may also refer to:

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  1. pdxparabellum

    PDX Metro Area members, tap in!

    Mornin' folks! A little while back I ran a poll querying which EDC guns y'all specifically carried when in PDX. Thank you for your feedback on here - immensely helpful! Any members of the forum living in the Portland Metro Area / City Of Portland ? (Not just travel here.) I have not seen many...
  2. pdxparabellum

    Poll: City Of Portland CHL Holders: What is your preferred EDC ? And why?

    I'm looking for fellow citizens holding a CHL within the city limits of the Port of Portland. Particularly interested in those of you in the metro area like myself. Any and all conversation is greatly appreciated in addition to your vote! Thank you.
  3. N

    (south of) Portland area FFL Txfr for WA resident?

    I'm working about an hour south of the Portland area for a while and considering ordering a rifle. Can a OR FFL handle the transfer for me? Or do I need to go back across to Vancouver, WA to do it? Any chance the OR FFLs won't collect WA sales tax?
  4. Robear

    K-1 kerosene in Portland area?

    Anyone know who sells K-1 kerosene at a good price in the Portland area? I would prefer to buy it in 5 gallon containers.
  5. ma96782

    Portland makes the top ten.

    These American cities are at risk of crashing Portland, OR Many people want to live in the City of Roses, if the 17.09-percent increase in home prices is anything to go by. But with long-term obligations accounting for a whopping 216.32 percent of total revenues, moving there could mean a...
  6. joken

    Anti-gun protest organized by Portland schools

    Liberal madness. This took place back in March, but it's the first I've heard of it. Docs Reveal Portland School Administrators Planned & Paid for 'Student' Anti-Gun Protest - Victoria Taft
  7. nk02442

    Many Pistols

    I selling or trading off some pistols. I am located in Vancouver so we can transfer here or I can go to a dealer in Portland. I have the following for trade, each with 2 mags unless you want more. Have a ton of Glock mags both OEM and imports. I also have a ton of holsters if you are...
  8. Joe Link

    Buying match ammo near Portland?

    As someone who's just getting into precision shooting I've honestly never looked for match ammo locally. No idea what my gun is going to prefer, so I imagine I'll need to try a variety. Is selection pretty good in local gun shops? Any other recommendations for how to go about this are...
  9. Joe Link

    Oregon  Opinion: When guns in Portland schools were a good thing

    Opinion: When guns in Portland schools were a good thing
  10. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  When guns in Portland schools were a good thing

    Opinion: When guns in Portland schools were a good thing
  11. Delasangre4231

    Looking for a gunsmith near Portland

    I was going to use Vesley but he told me he was out of town and hasnt gotten back in touch since. Not sure how long his vacation is but I really need to put my rifle together. I need someone to either properly dimple my barrel for my gas block or drill and pin it.
  12. Tarawa86

    Portland website that tracks stabbings

    Saw an article in the Oregonian about this website: Stabtown Seems like an interesting way to make a point about the current state of Portland...
  13. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  2018 Portland more killed by cars than guns

    33 people were killed on Portland roads in 2018, compared to the 45 deaths in 2017, and 44 deaths in 2016. Portland's Vision Zero result in 33 deaths in 2018, fewer than past 3 years Meanwhile there were 32 homicides, 32 homicides in Portland in 2018 involved victims ranging in age from 18 to...
  14. ilikegunspdx

    Number of shootings and crime in Portland

    I was just looking at an app that shows local crime over the last week and was surprised how much crime there was. There was a fellow saying in another thread that statistically it’s unlikely poeple would need to carry a gun. But this one area alone in Portland had four reported shootings in...
  15. N

    80 Homeless vs 30 gun victims in Portland alone

    This is not to make light of human life but the numbers paint a pretty clear picture. Because I am generally lazy in my internet searches I did come across some basic information. It seems about 80 homeless people have died in Portland each year for the past few years verses about 30 gun related...
  16. clearconscience

    I moved away from portland to get away from this: 2 gang members arrested in Vanc

    Vancouver teen facing attempted murder charge in connection to gun crimes Police: Vancouver gang member arrested in connection to armed robbery This is what happens with gentrification, and forcing low income housing on nice areas. You get all the trash that follows.
  17. clearconscience

    Fedex driver not charged for death in punching portland man

    FedEx driver will not be charged after fatally punching man who called him racial slurs: report Had this happened with a CHL and the guy been shot you think the liberal outcome would be different?
  18. prickly pete

    New member from Portland

    Hi everyone. Thought I'd make an intro post as this seems like a friendly spot. I live in Portland and shoot at Portland Rifle and Pistol Club when I have free time, which isn't often as I have a 4 month old baby. I grew up in rural Northern Michigan and came from a very active hunting family...
  19. Juniper9mm

    Hello from Portland

    A buddy of mine told me about this forum and I have really enjoyed reading the discussion topics. Thought I should become a member. I appreciate the quality of the site and it's member's contributions towards promoting/safeguarding the shooting sports here in the PNW. Thanks, Mark