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Parker-Hale Ltd. was a British firearms, air rifle and firearms accessory manufacturer, located in the Gun Quarter of the city of Birmingham, England. It was founded by Alfred Gray Parker and Arthur Hale.

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  1. tac

    PARKER-HALE Serial numbers......

    In support of an ongoing project by David Minshall of the MLAGB, I'd be very grateful if those of you here who have ANY Parker-Hale muzzleloading rifle or Musketoon would advise me of the serial number. TIA.
  2. tac

    Parker-Hale serial numbers.......

    just in case anybody here either has a Parker-Hale repro rifle, or one of the Euroarms 'follow-ons' and might wonder what the actual serial numbers of each might be. Reason is that over here in yUK there is still a lot of confunglement about who made what and when, to the point that there are...
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