P22 can refer to:
P22 phage, a bacteriophage virus that infects bacteria
P22 phosphor, a common phosphor used in CRTs
Walther P22, a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Walther Sportwaffen
P22 type foundry, a digital type foundry that creates fonts
P-22, the National Park Service designation of a mountain lion known to inhabit Griffith Park in southern California
and also :
a Latvian first class State road

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  1. ilikegunspdx

    Walther p22 qd first impressions

    I Recently bought one of these from sportsman’s warehouse and wanted to pass along my impressions after putting it through its paces on a few range trips. Quick basics: -10 round 22lr (mags can easily be converted to 15 round), comes with two mags - $240 on sale - P22qd is the second...
  2. h4344

    Build Thread  Walther P22 suppressed, thoughts?

    Thinking about getting a Walther P22 with a suppressor. My first experience with 22lr was less than stellar (used revolver with 5-6 out of 7 failure ratio, CCI ammo, hoping it was just the gun). Anyone have the newer model of this handgun with any input? Or any input on 22lr handguns in general...
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