The Museum of Northwest Colorado, located in Craig, Colorado, was established in 1964 as the Moffat County Museum to house artifacts and preserve legends of the Old West.
The museum features a large cowboy gear collection, including chaps, spurs, saddles, gun leather, guns and other artifacts. The Moffat Road Railroad Display features photos and memorabilia about the Denver, Northwestern & Pacific Railway, founded by David Moffat. Other exhibits include the American outlaw, Butch Cassidy, mining, ranching and pioneer artifacts, rocks and fossils, and period historic room displays.
Originally housed in the Moffat County Courthouse, the museum opened in the former Colorado State Armory in 1991.

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    G43X @ NWArmory?

    Just curious if anyone here has put a deposit on a 43X @ NWArmory? If so what have you been told as far as ETA? Curious; as I'm told it's this week. Considering the G43X became available 1/21/19, I feel like it should be last week :D
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