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  1. PNWguy

    M&P40c now cleared for carry...

    Took both of my S&W M&P40c pistols to the cabin yesterday and brought some defensive reloads and commercial ammo to see which one liked what and which was more accurate. Shot both pistols in their original configuration, then swapped slide assemblies and came up with the superior combo. The...
  2. PNWguy

    First range trip with new M&P40c disappointing...

    I have two M&P40c pistols. One purchased back in October and one I got a week ago. The new one has a safety, which I decided I wanted on a carry gun. The older one has night sights and newer one doesn't, so I simply swapped slide assemblies so the new lower has the older upper with the night...
  3. gun.deals

    S&W M&P40c 40 S&W 3.5" 10 Rd - $313.49 + Free Gear PROMO ($9.99 S/H)

    S&W M&P40c Compact 40 S&W 3.5" Barrel 10+1 Rounds - $313.49 + 2 Mags, 2 Boxes of Ammo & Caldwell Mag Charger PROMO ($9.99 S/H)
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