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Mountain guns are artillery pieces designed for use in mountain warfare and areas where usual wheeled transport is not possible. They are similar to infantry support guns, and are generally capable of being broken down into smaller loads (for transport by horse, human, mule, tractor, and/or truck).
Due to their ability to be broken down into smaller "packages", they are sometimes called pack guns or pack howitzers. During the American Civil War these small portable guns were widely used and were called "mountain howitzers."
The first designs of modern breechloading mountain guns with recoil control and able to be easily broken down and reassembled into highly efficient units were made by two Greek army engineers, P. Lykoudis and Panagiotis Danglis (after whom the Schneider-Danglis gun was named) in the 1890s.
Mountain guns are largely outdated, their role being filled by mortars, multiple rocket launchers, recoilless rifles and missiles. Most modern artillery is manufactured from light-weight materials and can be transported fully assembled by helicopters.

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  1. jordanka16

    625 Mountain Gun

    My favorite revolver of all time, and I was finally able to find the exact model I have wanted, a 625-6 Mountain Gun in .45 Colt. Trigger is of course fantastic in both DA and SA, and it's amazingly light, only weighs a couple ounces more than the equivalent K frame in .357. Need to get a 280gr...
  2. M


    You see these questions all the time. What is the best revolver? What is the best pistol or semi-auto? What is the best fighting handgun? There are 4 immediate thoughts that come to mind when I see these questions. The best is, what you have on you in a time of need, The one you train most...
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