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Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. Common uses of moderation include:
Ensuring consistency and accuracy in the marking of student assessments.
A moderator may remove unsuitable contributions from the website, forum or IRC channel they represent in accordance with their moderation system.
A more proactive nuance is found in the Methodist church's use of the term for the heads of its conferences.
A neutron moderator is used to slow down neutrons in a nuclear reactor.
A way of life emphasizing perfect amounts of everything, not indulging in too much of one thing, hence moderation.

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  1. Joe Link

    Announcement  Moderation & Closing Threads

    Moderation Over the past few months I've noticed an surprising increase in several disturbing trends here. As the owner and admin of Northwest Firearms, it's my responsibility to correct them (and some folks aren't going to be happy about it). Many of you remember when this site was moderated...
  2. Joe Link

    Update  Moderation Policy & Procedures - 2016.07.28

    MODERATION POLICY & PROCEDURES UPDATE - 2016.07.28 I've been kicking around ideas for improving the way we moderate here for a couple of months now. Yesterday afternoon I made the decision that I was going to cancel the work I had to do today and tackle this issue. I've been working at it since...
  3. 308

    Thread Status: Awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly??

    @Joe Link This seems new...whats up with this message? Thread Status: Awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly.
  4. Joe Link

    Announcement  Community Moderation & Reported Posts

    Community Moderation & Reported Posts As discussed in this thread, we're making changes in order to improve the atmosphere of Northwest Firearms. This new system will remove threads or posts which are reported by multiple members, placing them in a 'moderation queue'. After review a moderator...
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