model 54-270

The Winchester Model 54 is a bolt-action rifle manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The 54 was the first successful production run civilian centerfire bolt action for Winchester.Using a Mauser 98-type action, the 54 was a less-expensive derivation of the limited-production handmade Model 51 "Imperial" of 1919. The Model 54 was produced until 1936 when, with some modifications, it was reintroduced as the Winchester Model 70. The Model 54 had a relatively heavy two stage trigger pull, which was greatly improved in the Model 70.Standard chamberings included the .22 Hornet, .220 Swift, .250-3000 Savage, .257 Roberts, .270 Winchester, 30-30 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, 7x57mm Mauser, 7.65x53mm Argentine, and 9x57mm Mauser. Special order chamberings were made in .25-35 Winchester, .32 Winchester Special, and .35 Whelen.Introduced prior to the popularity of telescopic sights, it was intended for use with open or aperture sights, and the bolt throw makes the addition of a scope difficult.

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    What is Grandpas gun worth?

    So I have decided it is time to sell a gun I inherited from my Grandfather about 60 years ago. I have taken it to several gun dealers to sell on consignment and they tell me it is a collectors gun and I need to sell it my self. I just don't know what to ask for it, maybe this forum can give me...
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