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Multi-member constituencies existed in the Parliament of the United Kingdom and its predecessor bodies in the component parts of the United Kingdom from the earliest era of elected representation until they were abolished by the Representation of the People Act 1948. Since the 1950 general election, all members of the House of Commons have been elected from single-member constituencies.

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  1. Majestic12

    New member

    I am excited to become a member of your community I look forward to gainining and giving information about my hobbies which include long range shooting and reloading and collecting small arms ammunition as well as repair and rebuilding of first and second generation night vision I have over 30...
  2. Joe Link

    Member Poll: Which notices do you prefer?

    I'd like some feedback on which notices members prefer. This isn't a one or the other choice, both will still be usable, but going forward this poll will shape which ones we use and when. Note that if your preferences change you can come back and change your vote, this will be an ongoing poll...
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