Lyft is an on-demand transportation company based in San Francisco, California. It develops, markets and operates the Lyft car transportation mobile app. Launched in June 2012, Lyft operates in approximately 300 U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and provides 1 million rides a day, 18.7 million rides a month. The company was valued at US$11.5 billion as of December 2017 and has raised a total of US$4.11 billion in funding. Lyft expanded into Canada in December 2017 as a competitor to the already established Uber.

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    Insurance for your Lyft or Uber ride

    Grabbing an Uber? Now You Can Buy Your Own Insurance for the Ride "... Sure Inc., has developed a product for passengers to purchase accident and death coverage on an on-demand, per-day basis via a smartphone application. It covers costs of injuries sustained when traveling in a ride-sharing...
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