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  1. lambene

    What .308 long range ammo?

    I have a Ruger Precision Rifle now and am wondering OTHER than hand loads what do people use for 1000+ meter shots? I want to get set up for reloading but that will come in About 12 months.
  2. tomcat

    WTB OR  Looking for savage Long range hunter

    Looking for a savage 111 long range hunter Or savage 116 in 7mm or 300win mag
  3. J

    WTS OR  Weatherby Mark V 30-378 Perfect condition $925

    Weatherby Mark V 30-378 perfect condition, have original box, live in Tigard area, New price $800 call Jeff 971-404-9188
  4. Screach

    Long Range Shooting Near Portland

    Hey Guys, I am new to the forum and wondering if anyone knows of a good 600+ range near Portland. I have looked into Douglas ridge but anyone know of any public land spots that allow for longer range shots? I am currently working up a load for my .300 Win Mag and really want to find a range to...
  5. DeanfromOregon

    Long Range (Yet Versatile) AR-10 build. Where to begin?

    OK looking to build up an accurate AR-10 type rifle. I've read the ultimate Mega MATEN thread in its entirety, and other things as well. Honestly not that much of a geek, probably just have Curts assemble the best I can come up with out of quality parts. I just need to know which direction...
  6. oremike

    Nosler long range accu-bonds

    I just got a 7mm Remington Mag and am wanting to set it up as a long range, open country shooter. I'm thinking these bullets will be a good place to start. I've ordered the 175 gr.s anyone use these and what are your thoughts.
  7. TacPro1O1

    Long Range Shooting

    Any places around southwest Washington to shoot long range? Somewhere long enough for a 338 Lapua and a 50
  8. TacPro1O1

    Long Range Shooting

    Where are some good places to stretch out at around southwest Washington?
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