Lobby Hero is a play by Kenneth Lonergan. It premiered Off-Broadway in 2001.

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  1. Cavedweller

    Other State  IL gun owners lobby day

    Audio is a bit choppy in parts, but otherwise good. Just change "Illinois" to "Oregon" and "Chicago" to "Portland." Should sound familiar.
  2. arakboss

    Oregon  Learning Activism Strategies From Oregon Citizen's Lobby.

    OCL is not known for being friendly to issues gun rights activist are generally fighting for but they did post a link to this long piece on why private background checks don't work. It is a long read but has useful rational arguments that we may be able to incorporate in to our letters sent to...
  3. Joe Link

    Oregon  Liberal Gun Club to Lobby Against ‘Draconian’ Oregon Gun Control Bill

    Liberal Gun Club to Lobby Against 'Draconian' Oregon Gun Control Bill
  4. PDXbiker

    National  Collapsing Gun Lobby

    The latest take on our demise.....or so they say Opinion: The collapsing gun lobby
  5. Joe Link

    National  Pediatricians to lobby Congress for gun control laws

    Gun control is a kids' health issue, pediatricians say
  6. etrain16

    Oregon  Pro-Gun Lobby/Movement Leader for Oregon - Any Ideas?

    Okay, I keep repeating myself in multiple threads about the lack of real leadership in Oregon when it comes to defending our gun rights. Yes, we have OFF, but aside from getting notices to call, write and email, I just don't see that they have the kind of influence we need to hold Salem...
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