Left may refer to:
Left (direction)
Left (Hope of the States album), 2006
Left (Sharlok Poems album)
Left-wing politics, Left, Leftism, the political trend or ideology
Left (Austria), a movement of Marxist–Leninist, Maoist and Trotskyist organisations in Austria

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  1. tourproto

    Some articles with good talking points for discussions with the left

    This isn't for talking to people like Bloomberg who will never change his position until he gets all the guns. But there are some good nuggets in the following articles 1. For when people demonize the NRA, they are actually demonizing fellow citizens: 4 Reasons Congress Doesn’t "Act" on Gun...
  2. Phillyfan

    Low left with a 1911

    So I recently purchased a higher end 1911 for the collection. Just had to have one. They feel so good in the hand and the cool/sexy factor is high with these things (maybe stupid, but looks matter to me when it comes to a pistol). I'm a target shooter with pistols, and accuracy and...
  3. T

    Beat My 3rd Left Lane Ticket Today

    Im having the laugh of my life!! Should have seen the look on the cops face! Got a ticket for going 65 mph in the left lane on the freeway when the MAXIMUM speed limit was 65. Long story short, cop said I was hogging the left lane and impeding traffic. I told him straight up that if I go over...
  4. orygun

    I love left over turkey!

    On Thanksgiving morning I deep fried a turkey for our dinner. My wife wanted to make sure we had leftovers and bought a 19lb turkey. Yeah, there's 4 of us at Thanksgiving dinner... Tonite I'm having a late, snaking kind of dinner and it's re-heated turkey. Kind of like stew a couple of days...
  5. Eric Moore

    Remington 1100 left hand barrel

    Selling like new Remington 9567- Barrel, Model 1100 Left Hand Deer, 12 gauge with extra choke still both in package. $150 or best offer. There are just a few small marks and bottom of barrel otherwise clean.
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