The Hoober-Bloob Highway is an animated musical special written by Dr. Seuss and produced by DePatie–Freleng Enterprises. The special first aired February 19, 1975 on CBS, and was the last Dr. Seuss special produced for that network. Seuss also composed the song lyrics, which were set to music by Dean Elliott.
Mr. Hoober-Bloob, a dispatcher of newborn children from some location in space, is preparing to send a new child down his highway to Earth, but first, he gives the child a chance to decide for himself whether he wants the life of a human. Mr. Hoober-Bloob shows him the realistic problems and pleasures that people face in life. The story suggests that while things may be pretty bad, there's always something to be thankful for.

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    I believe they got the authors name incorrect. It should be Goober, not Hoober. Just saying. 6 Horribly Overrated Handguns - USA Carry
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