Holography is a technique that enables a wavefront to be recorded and later re-constructed. Holography is best known as a method of generating three-dimensional images, but it also has a wide range of other applications. In principle, it is possible to make a hologram for any type of wave.
A hologram is made by superimposing a second wavefront (normally called the reference beam) on the wavefront of interest, thereby generating an interference pattern which is recorded on a physical medium. When only the second wavefront illuminates the interference pattern, it is diffracted to recreate the original wavefront. Holograms can also be computer-generated by modelling the two wavefronts and adding them together digitally. The resulting digital image is then printed onto a suitable mask or film and illuminated by a suitable source to reconstruct the wavefront of interest.

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  1. Fishonshawn

    Red dot vs holographic

    What's the difference? I have a vortex sparc and like it but I need a second sight for another AR. I do have a slight astigmatism and the dot on my sparc is kind of starry but it doesn't bother me much. Reason I'm curious about the difference though is I have a chance yo get an eotech 512 for...
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