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Carya tomentosa, (mockernut hickory, mockernut, white hickory, whiteheart hickory, hognut, bullnut) is a tree in the Juglandaceae or walnut family. The most abundant of the hickories, common in the eastern half of the US, it is long lived, sometimes reaching the age of 500 years. A straight-growing hickory, a high percentage of its wood is used for products where strength, hardness, and flexibility are needed. The wood makes an excellent fuelwood, as well.
The species' name comes from the Latin word tomentum, meaning "covered with dense short hairs," referring to the underside of the leaves which help identify the species. Also called the white hickory due to the light color of the wood, the common name mockernut comes from the large, thick-shelled fruit with very small kernels of meat inside.

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    Where to Find/Order 4' Long Hickory Dowels?

    Where in the Tualatin/Portland, Oregon, area can I find 4 foot long hickory/oak/ash dowels? (Or Western Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho). I need 4' long hickory dowels to make range rods for muzzle loaders. I am not using online order because I want to high grade whatever dowels I come...
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