1. Bam

    Proper gun handling lesson of the day

    The best time to handle your loaded pistol is while driving your car at 98 mph with your finger on the trigger!
  2. zenbreath

    Perfect gun handling.

    I am just finishing a 72 hour work week. I am exhausted. When you are tired, you make mistakes just as when you are under stress, you group size will double. This was a reminder to me, why I always handle firearms methodically and follow safety rules like religion.
  3. etrain16

    Another Sad Story: Unsafe Gun Handling Leads to Death

    I wish we didn't have to hear about these stories so often, but another one has happened in Oregon today. A man was showing off his AR15 to a group of folks, here is what happened: Detectives determined the 28-year-old man living in the apartment owns several firearms and decided to show his...
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