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  1. oldcorpgunny

    BiMart Taurus G2c Pistols $219.00.

    BiMart is discontinuing the sale of this particular model and will be selling the Taurus G3 instead. The G3 is $258.00. I bought the last one that the Falk Rd. store had yesterday.
  2. F

    Got a Great Deal from Jarhead!

    Bought a pistol from member Jarhead. Most excellent price and gave me free ammo as well. No gouging here!
  3. TNThomas

    Great deal on survival food/bars!

    FYI there is a great deal online right now for Datrex survival bars. Essentially they taste like pie crust/ghram cracker/ with a hint of Coconut. Pretty sure its made with healthy ingrediants too. Not bad. I just ate one from an old stash that was made around 2009 and it tasted/smelled fine...
  4. arakboss

    Great deal on pasta for short term preps.

    I visited a store called Mega Foods in Woodburn on Saturday near the Bimart. They had a bunch of dry pasta in 7oz packages that were priced at 7 packages for $1. That comes out to about 3lbs for a buck. If you are short on cash but want to put a way some calories (besides rice) for an emergency...
  5. Gas

    Great deal on a Fast fire 3

    $145 with free shipping. Tax for us in Washington. The mount alone is around $85! https://store.springfield-armory.com/shop/pc/Burris-FastFire-3-M-O-A-Red-Dot-w-AR-F3-Mount-292p1951.htm
  6. belshawelk

    Great deal at Bi-mart today on.22

    Just picked up a Rossi .22 18" for $87 on sale at Bi-Mart. Cute little thing, weighs nothing. Put a couple hundred rounds through , not a single issue. Also .22 ammo on sale 1400 rounds for $44. That's .04 cents a round. Never go wrong with a inexpensive little .22 you can throw around and not...
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