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  1. RicInOR

    Resolved  Can We Update the Guidelines for this Forum

    SECTION GUIDELINES: Firearm Legislation & Activism To include asking for the title to include 1. Jurisdiction ( State / City / etc ) in addition to the 'Prefix' 2. The ID ( example HB 4145 ) Thanks,
  2. The Heretic

    Suggestions: closed/closing threads

    1) Add a filter in the classifieds forums to allow a user to set such that closed/locked threads do not display. 2) Add the ability in the 'want to try' sub-forum to close a thread. E.G. I wanted to try a five seven, but I have since bought one, so no longer have a need to try it.
  3. The Heretic

    Open 'new' thread at the first post?

    I like the fact that clicking on the dot by the thread title takes me to the latest post I have not read (or maybe the last post in the thread?), but I don't like the fact that clicking on the thread title of a thread I have not opened before takes me to the end of the thread. Possible cause: I...
  4. bolus

    Tool rental or borrow section

    How about a section for people that have tools to rent or borrow out (like 80% jigs) or for people looking to borrow tools? I get a few requests to borrow my jigs.
  5. Oregon Rob

    New posts (without classified)

    Is there a way to see all new posts except classifieds? Often time I am just popping in to see what’s new and am not interested in the adds. Is there a filter or other method that is quick? Maybe new option? Guess the sellers wouldn’t love the idea but would be interested if NWF wanted to….
  6. Gene Rojas

    Kel Tec KSG: owner feedback

    I'm looking to buy my first shotgun, and currently looking at the KSG. But before I pull the trigger, I'd like to hear from KSG owners on how they like this weapon, and also what kind of shells they use. Thanks for your input. Geno
  7. Joe Link

    Feedback Request  NWFA V3.1 - Post-Update Feedback

    This is the thread for comments, opinions, issues, etcetera pertaining to the NWFA V3.1 update :)
  8. RicInOR

    Is There a Need for a Photo Thread Section

    Something for questions related to photography, with in the context of NWFA We see these pretty often ... - what camera are you using ... - where to host photos ... - how do you get a good photo ... Maybe just an encouragement on using a keyword in posts NOT the show photos of X ...
  9. Dyre Straits

    Fake Firefox Update Notice

    I've finally realized that I'm getting this phony Firefox full-screen "update notice" when I'm browsing this forum. Seems it only happens when I'm online here. I might be mistaken, but, it does seem more likely to happen only on this site. It's a full-screen pop-over and I ignore it as I know...
  10. Velzey

    Private message space

    You know we need to have a big red flag pop up when your inbox is full! And an area to tell other people your box is full ;)
  11. Nick Burkhardt

    Defensive Gun Use of the Day

    Can we get a Northwest Defensive Gun Use of the Day Forum? A central place to post firearms incidents and news from around the Pacific Northwest?
  12. Joe Link

    Feedback Request  Member Photos & Video Section Feedback

    Some of you have probably noticed the new sidebar widget, displaying random photos from the Photo & Video section. While we're on the subject, I'd like to get some ideas as to how we can improve the section so it gets more use.
  13. Northwest Firearms

    Section Information: Questions, Problems, & Feedback

    This section provides members a place to ask for help and get answers to their questions. The following prefixes are used in this section: Question - The default thread prefix, this indicates the question has not been answered. Answered - This indicates the question has been answered.
  14. The Heretic

    Resolved  Suggestion: Provide notifications for threads you started.

    I get notifications (under the bell shaped icon) when someone likes or quotes a post I made. I would like to get the same kind of notifications when someone posts to a thread I started. I don't want email notifications - I want to see it as a visible notification on the site. Thanks
  15. thorborg

    Resolved  Back button jump around

    The page back arrow at upper left of my screen will not work reliably while perusing this forum. Does not seem to happen as much while checking out the classifieds but in opening up a " New threads" post to read then going back to the home page it refuses to cooperate. Could be slow to recoup...
  16. pyromancer

    Finding the list of staff

    So hey the list is actually a thing. I never would have found it on my own and here is why. Navigation I have four options Forums, Resources, Information, and Help. Not going to be "forums" so lets skip that. "Resources" not under that menu but it is somewhere I would check. Moving on to...
  17. Mikej

    Dividing "Legal & Political" into three different sections now?

    Boy, what a mess for me. Well, I guess I don't actually start threads much in Legal and political though. That's good thing I guess, they ALL seem related to me. What if a person discussing activism needs a legal viewpoint?
  18. KeepnitReel

    Caliber posting

    It sure would be nice to have a drop down caliber next to the title on a classified ad. Would make searching easier since not very many members bump their ad's. Also I'm such a noob that half the time I have to google the model to see what kind of caliber it is. A "action" drop down box would...
  19. Joe Link

    The Atmosphere of Northwest Firearms - Changes

    Most of you have seen and read The Atmosphere of Northwest Firearms. My inbox currently holds 376 conversations pertaining to this; an incredible amount of feedback. I've read all of them, and starting today I'm going to do my best to reply to each of them. I appreciate all of you who took the...
  20. Joe Link

    Feedback Request  Site Speed Feedback

    We just finished implementing a server configuration change designed to speed up the site (roughly 30 minutes ago). Anyone notice a difference? Any issues?