Feature engineering is the process of using domain knowledge to extract features (characteristics, properties, attributes) from raw data. The motivation is to use these extra features to improve the quality of results from a machine learning process, compared with supplying only the raw data to the machine learning process.

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  1. Joe Link

    Update  Small classified rule update

    This has been added to the classified section rules :s0155: @Moderators
  2. Joe Link

    Update  Firearm specific subforums are back!

    Quite a few new changes today in preparation to our migration to the new version of Northwest Firearms! If you pay attention to our announcements you probably know that we removed the firearm-specific subforums back in August because they weren't being used much, they were taking up space on the...
  3. Joe Link

    Update  New Section - Rimfire Discussion

    People have been asking for a rimfire-specific section for a while, and now that we have a bit of room we've made it happen. Enjoy! :)
  4. Joe Link

    Update  Section Changes - Women Shooters and Want To Try

    In an effort to continue streamline the site we're going to be removing two more seldom used sections, Women Shooters (4 threads in 2018) and Want To Try (7 threads in 2018). Threads pertaining to women shooters should go in the section they pertain to, as really there aren't many topics that...
  5. Joe Link

    Update  NWFA V3.1 is now live!

    Northwest Firearms has been updated from V3 to V3.1 as of 11:30am today. All feedback is welcome and appreciated, and should be posted along with any issues you may have to the feedback thread linked below. Feedback Request - NWFA V3.1 - Post Update Feedback
  6. Joe Link

    Update  New Image/Video Uploader - Flash Uploader Replaced

    This morning we updated the software in order to utilize a new non-flash uploader. This update should improve compatibility and reliability of the photo and video upload process. The process hasn't changed, photos are uploaded the same as they have been prior to the update. I'll mention again...
  7. Joe Link

    Update  Moderation Policy & Procedures - 2016.07.28

    MODERATION POLICY & PROCEDURES UPDATE - 2016.07.28 I've been kicking around ideas for improving the way we moderate here for a couple of months now. Yesterday afternoon I made the decision that I was going to cancel the work I had to do today and tackle this issue. I've been working at it since...
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