Featherweight is a weight class in the combat sports of boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and Greco-Roman wrestling.

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  1. C

    Winchester Model 12 Featherweight

    Just wanted to share a pawnshop rescue I acquired this weekend. 1961 Winchester Model 12 Featherweight in fantastic shape. The receiver has just a very, very small pair of pitting. The bore is nearly mirror shiny. It had quite a bit of surface rust so the results of a thorough cleaning was...
  2. LuckySG

    Consignment: Winchester Model 70 Featherweight .243 Win

    Winchester Repeating Arms USED Winchester 70 Featherweight .243 Win 535200212 | Lucky Sporting Goods, LLC $849.99 A beautiful rifle. This is nice enough to be passed down for generations to come. Only one box of shells through it, comes in the factory box and with all factory literature &...
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