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To the Extreme is the major label debut studio album of American rapper Vanilla Ice. The album was initially released in 1989 by independent record label Ichiban Records under the title Hooked. Vanilla Ice signed to SBK Records, who reissued the album under its current title. The album contains Vanilla Ice's most successful singles, "Ice Ice Baby" and "Play That Funky Music". Although reviews of the album were mixed, To the Extreme spent 16 weeks at the top of the Billboard 200, and sold 15 million copies worldwide.

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  1. Howard1955

    Hardcast vs Extreme Penetrator .44 Magnum

    So - I was in the local gun shop recently, and they had a 5” S&W 629 Classic on display. I like 5” revolvers with a full underlug - they feel perfectly balanced in my hand. And, since I don’t currently have anything in.44 magnum (and we occasionally have a black bear on our place), and...
  2. Joe Link

    National  Kamala Harris has an extreme idea to get gun control legislation passed

    Senator Kamala Harris has an extreme idea to get gun control legislation passed
  3. ATCclears

    Seattle - Extreme Risk Protection Orders

    from the article: So far, in Seattle, 18 extreme risk protection orders have been petitioned by police, and 37 weapons have been recovered. Of those incidents, about 60 percent were to prevent suicides, and about 40 percent were to prevent violence against others. Seattle Mayor outlines plan...
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