United States presidents issue executive orders to help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage the operations within the federal government itself. Executive orders have the full force of law when they take authority from a legislative power which grants its power directly to the Executive by the Constitution, or are made pursuant to Acts of Congress that explicitly delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power (delegated legislation). Like both legislative statutes and regulations promulgated by government agencies, executive orders are subject to judicial review, and may be struck down if deemed by the courts to be unsupported by statute or the Constitution. Major policy initiatives require approval by the legislative branch, but executive orders have significant influence over the internal affairs of government, deciding how and to what degree legislation will be enforced, dealing with emergencies, waging 72-hour length strikes on enemies, and in general fine-tuning policy choices in the implementation of broad statutes.

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  1. The Heretic

    National  White House confirms Biden will sign executive order on gun control

  2. T

    Executive Order to Prepare for EMP Attack...

    https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-coordinating-national-resilience-electromagnetic-pulses/ March 2019
  3. O

    Obama Signs Executive Order Allowing Military To Fight US Citizens (?)

    So that title is as egregious as it gets, and is alarming. But I'm reading this article which basically reprints the executive order, and I'm not arriving at the same conclusion. The context is unclear (to me) as it repeatedly says 'U.S. operations' which does that mean operations by the U.S...
  4. O

    Obama regime targets gunsmiths with new executive order

    Apparently this just happened: Obama regime targets gunsmiths with new executive order - Personal Liberty® (http://personalliberty.com/obama-regime-targets-gunsmiths-new-executive-order/) So the wording, at least from the article, is so problematic, it seems to be open to draconian...

    Lets enroll Bloomberg in the NRA!

    CREDIT GOES TO playboypenguin (aka TheYankeeMarshal) PSA! We all know (hopefully), that Obama is planning using executive orders to restrict gun rights in the next few days. Many people are asking to donate to the NRA to help combat and raise awareness. Here is an excellent way to do that and...
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