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  1. filsonhand

    Sig 716 dmr gen 2

    Has anyone seen one of these in the wild, I'm curious on price and availability locally :)
  2. old11bravo

    Aero Precision DMR w/Larue 18" Stealth (223 Wylde) Barrel

    Well here is my latest creation. Sinus and I took it out a few days ago and sighted the glass and the irons with some 62gr M855 rounds. Very impressed so far but I think I need to try some razor core 77gr through it. It has the makings of a tack driver. Picture heavy! SPR/DMR Rifle List Lower...
  3. unionguy

    Advice on Scope for .308 DMR

    I recently purchased a PWS .308 in a 20" barrel and would like to use it to get into "designated marksman rifle" ranged shooting; in the 400-500 yard range. I've never really shot over 200 yards. I'm looking for recommendations on the best scope options for such a set-up? thanks.
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