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  1. R

    Conceal carry at Singing Christmas Tree?

    Anyone been to the Singing Christmas Tree this year with Conceal carry permit?
  2. Fieryotaku

    Conceal carry an SBR?

    Stupid question I am waiting on a stamp for a Kriss vector SBR with a folding stock turns out it fits perfectly in my Vertex commuter sling bag. This bag was previously used for my CZ Scorpion pistol. From what I understand I cant carry my Vector around concealed as it is a rifle after the...
  3. MOGO110

    Conceal Carry Courses and more!

    Hello NWFA! We are currently offering a wide arrange of conceal courses that include private classes. We have qualified over 12,000 people to exercise their rights to carry! We offer an Oregon and Utah minimums to qualify you to carry in over 30 states! Taught by highly qualified...
  4. T

    Best Conceal Carry Handgun

    Looking to purchase a nice conceal carry gun. Wilson Combat EDC X9 vs STI DVC C? Which is better? Anything better out there for a conceal carry handgun? Wilson Combat: STI DVC C:
  5. titsonritz

    Megingjörð - AIWB Specific - Conceal Carry Belt

    I've been wearing one for a couple weeks now and I must admit I had my doubts when I first saw it but no longer, this is the real deal. If you AIWB check it out, I think you'll be surprised, too. Megingjörð - AIWB Specific - Conceal Carry Belt *VER 2.0*
  6. Flymph


    Well, this is mostly so I can gripe about how uncomfortable most sub compact single stack pistols feel to me. I don't have big hands, but the way the grip angle hits my hand just feels horrible. I don't get this with bigger pistols. Thus far the only subcompacts I can get a comfortable grip on...
  7. DuneHopper

    Woman using cannabis denied conceal carry

    I do not have a copy of the story, but a family member knew the person in Oregon. They went to renew their Conceal carry and they said we see you use Canibus, and told her that her conceal carry was denied. I recall seeing this on a BGC form, but was unaware it would yield a Conceal Carry holder...
  8. DuneHopper

    Does Conceal and Open Carry Stop Crime ?

    Well you been a member on this site, or any other site you've no doubt heard the discussions of one should open carrier concealed carry. That's not what I'm asking or discussing in this topic. It's more the statement. To see whether affects a firearm have in the possession of a person, we have...

    Idaho  WA resident with CCW can conceal carry in Idaho, right?

    I have googled it and found this: A WASHINGTON RESIDENT: Does not apply. Idaho’s law allows a Washington resident who has a Washington state concealed carry permit to carry a concealed gun within an Idaho city, provided they have the Washington permit on them. Outside of city limits in Idaho...
  10. Rick Shaw

    Deep conceal T-shirt Armor- Recommendations?

    Hey All- I am in need of sourcing a very low profile concealed body armor option for chaperone work, and I wanted to ask if you have recommendations and feedback on models you might have used or are using. My own experience is that I’ve worn the typical and popular “concealable” soft armor...
  11. Honor

    How do I obtain an out of state conceal carry permit for Oregon? (I'm a resident of Washington)

    Years ago, Sheriff Palmer of Grant County liberally issued conceal carry permits to those residing out of state. He came to Vancouver and upon presenting evidence of completion of the class instruction requirement and submitting to fingerprinting right there, processed permit applications...
  12. B

    Conceal carry Springfield XD 9mm 5-inch, possible?

    Is it realistic to consider carrying this concealed? I just asked this morning if our church had a concealed carry policy or a "safety committee." Haven't heard back yet but my main thought now is whether this pistol is just too big to realistically carry indoors where you're not going to...
  13. gryghin

    Permission to Conceal Carry on Oregon Native American Reservation

    There has to be someone here that has looked into this. How do you go about doing this the correct way? If I'm at Spirit Mountain, that is under the jurisdiction of the Grand Ronde Tribe, correct?
  14. R

    Conceal carry belt suggestions?

    So I am currently waiting on my chl in the mail they said it would take about 5 weeks... so I decided to take this time to get what I need to be able to carry. I already bought a holster now I just need a belt. What brands do you guys recommend? I'm planning on carrying my hk vp9 with my iwb...
  15. RicInOR

    National - Bill to Require DC to Honor Conceal Carry Permits, Introduced

    Republicans Introduce New Gun-Carry Legislation in Wake of Alexandria Attack Would force D.C. to recognize other states' gun-carry permits
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