Bending is a manufacturing process that produces a V-shape, U-shape, or channel shape along a straight axis in ductile materials, most commonly sheet metal. Commonly used equipment include box and pan brakes, brake presses, and other specialized machine presses. Typical products that are made like this are boxes such as electrical enclosures and rectangular ductwork.

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  1. 2

    Input Needed: Bottom Metal for Tikka T3 223?

    I want my Tikka JRTM112 factory stock, to take the IACS mags. Who sells the best bottom metal design?
  2. Levetti

    Tikka T3 bottom metal

    Has anybody replaced their Tikka T3 bottom metal with the bottom metal that accepts AICS mags? I want to replace my bottom metal, but don't know which company provides the best quality bottom metal. The last thing I want is to have to do a ton of fitting or have issues with magazines. If any of...
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