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"Bolt gun" may refer to:
Captive bolt pistol, a device used for stunning animals before slaughter
A gun with a bolt-type mechanism
A fictional rock climbing implement featured in the 1993 movie Cliffhanger
A fictional heavy caliber firearm used by Space Marines in the Warhammer 40k miniatures games and computer games

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  1. M

    Need help from bolt gun guys with experience shooting practically / competition

    Hey All! I'm looking to get into precision rifles. This will be my first toe-dip into this specific pond as it were. I've shot shotguns, semi-auto rifles and pistols for years for fun, hunting and some competitions. I am a LEFTY, and while I am STILL on an epic quest to find the best lefty...
  2. mingus

    Club match requires "World War I era bolt gun, in an issued condition" What should I look for?

    I know nothing about MilSurp rifles, and actually have never shot any rifle except a 22. But I'd like to join in the fun at my club's Military Match Shoot. The requirements are only: "World War I era bolt gun, in an issued condition". What should I look for? Don't need a collectable...
  3. CountryGent

    Recommendations on a .223 Bolt-action ....

    This may sound odd, but we don't have a single bolt-action in the battery, being the rifles are semi-automatics and lever-actions. That said, I am starting to do some homework on this front for a variety of reasons. Can anyone recommend a rifle that is: Bolt-action. Chambered in .223...
  4. Glock Jock

    My first Bolt Gun.

    I'm turning 40 soon and seriously thinking about buying my first bolt gun and would like some advice from the folks that are really experienced. It might just be the only bolt gun I get and the idea of getting an all around hunting/match type of gun sounds great. - So do you think there are...
  5. 11Charlie

    .308 bolt gun

    I have been playing around with the idea of buying a new rifle. Would really like it in .308 so I don't have to stock pile a new type of ammo. I am looking for recommendations and thoughts from everyone that owns one, what there favorites are and where they purchased. I would be using it for...
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