A new term/word for 2016 from the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The poor enunciation of "Big League" misunderstood by many as Bigly. Donald Trump is primarily credited with this pronunciation. I have heard one other instance where a Republican strategist while on CNN used the term "Big League" and was asked by the host; was he saying "Big League" or "Bigly"?
quote from Donald J. Trump Sr.:
“I use ‘big league,’ ” Trump responded.
Trump has used the phrase throughout the campaign cycle, but it has been transcribed as both "big league" and "bigly."
‘Bigly’ or ‘Big League’? Donald Trump’s Campaign Spokesperson Reveals What Candidate Is Actually Saying
Glad that’s cleared up. Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks revealed in a new interview whether the Republican presidential candidate has been saying “bigly”
Evan Real - US Magazine

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  1. asbtg

    Ban Hi-Capacity and Bigly Caliber guns...

    Because no one needs a hi-capacity magazine, right? So in that vein, cars kill thousands of people a year. Let's let the grabbies have the hi-cap mags if they agree to restrict cars to 20 mph. Even trade and logically-consistent, right?
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