An infant (from the Latin word infans, meaning 'unable to speak' or 'speechless') is the more formal or specialised synonym for the common term baby, meaning the very young offspring of human beings. The term may also be used to refer to juveniles of other organisms. A newborn is, in colloquial use, an infant who is only hours, days, or up to one month old. In medical contexts, newborn or neonate (from Latin, neonatus, newborn) refers to an infant in the first 28 days after birth; the term applies to premature, full term, and postmature infants.
Before birth, the term fetus is used. The term infant is typically applied to very young children under one year of age; however, definitions may vary and may include children up to two years of age. When a human child learns to walk, the term toddler may be used instead.

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  1. American123

    Baby gear, molle gear, what’s the difference...

    Baby changing station needed some handy pouches to hold “mission essential items” that would be used every time. Pulled out the molle pouch box and found some old pieces that fit the bill. Funniest part was that the wife greatly appreciated them too and I was expecting some aesthetically...
  2. RicInOR

    Other State  Easter Service Disrupted - Woman with Gun & Baby

    Stopped by the Church members - no shots. Churchgoers tackle woman after she walked into San Diego church with a GUN | Daily Mail Online California church parishioners help tackle woman with gun who allegedly threatened attack | Fox News San Diego Police ID Armed Woman Carrying Baby Who...
  3. arakboss

    Oregon  Pure Gold Baby, Please Spread This Far & Wide Sen. Shemia Fagan Should Adhere To Her Belief

    You only need to watch up to the 1 minute mark to get the good stuff. The entire speech was in support of not having to register to vote. But she clearly indicated that she doesn't feel we should have to register our guns. Sen Shamia Fagan is a Democrat member of the Senate Judiciary Committee...
  4. fxdc

    Made a Baby G34/G35 Glock

    Clean simple, scaled down to a G21.
  5. DeanMk

    Baby Desert Eagle III

    Steel Framed. Full Sized. 12 Rounds. .40 S&W Pro's and Con's, PISTOL ONLY. Please no comments on caliber. It may change, just wondering about the pistol itself in general. ...ok, GO.
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