Armscor refers to either:
Armscor (South Africa), the South African arms acquisition and sales agency
Armscor (Philippines), the Philippines-based manufacturer of weapons

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  1. CHLChris

    WOW! New Armscor VR80 12 gauge AR-pattern shottie!!

    I am SUPER excited by this new shotgun: VR80 | Armscor International, Inc First Impressions: Armscor / Rock Island Armory VR80 Semi-Auto Shotgun - The Truth About Guns Rock Island promises new VR80 semi-auto shotgun with AR controls (VIDEOS)
  2. AMT

    Armscor XT-22 WMR

    XT 22 Magnum - 22 Magnum | Armscor International, Inc Does anyone have one? Does anyone have any hands-on with one? Thoughts? Input? Pros? Cons? With very few 22WMR semi-auto pistols to choose from, I'm considering this but would like to hear from actual owners, or someone who's held and...
  3. CountryGent

    Armscor Snubs?

    So, I've seen their various offerings on this score: A six-shot, snub-nosed revolver, in .38 Special that can be had at $220—$280 a pop. They come in blued and stainless steel, with or without a hammer spur. If they work, they are tempting to buy a few to stash away for as a simple...
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