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40 mm grenades are used by grenade launchers in service with many armed forces. There are two main types in service with NATO countries: the 40×46mm, which is a low-velocity round used in hand-held grenade launchers; and the high-velocity 40×53mm, used in mounted and crew-served weapons. The cartridges are not interchangeable. Both 40 mm cartridges use the High-Low Propulsion System.
The less powerful 40×46mm is used in hand-held weapons such as the M79, M203, and the multi-shot M32 MGL. The more powerful 40×53mm is used in automatic grenade launchers mounted on tripods, vehicles or helicopters, such as the Mk 19 grenade launcher. In these roles, the rounds are linked together with a metallic disintegrating-link belt.

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  1. U

    3.5-10X 40mm sealed turrets and mildot?

    I am looking for something like the old Mk 4s. I am interested in something 3-10X(ish), sealed turrets, and a mildot reticle. Any ideas? The trend of massive exposed turrets is just not for me.
  2. CountryGent

    China Lake 40㎜ Pump Action Grenade Launcher

    Finally enough gun? :s0112:
  3. kbf64

    40mm - what's available?

    So It seems like a 40mm seems to be NFA? And the HE rounds are also NFA? Looks like there are a bunch of non-nfa rounds available. Anyone navigate these waters?
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