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The 1932–33 FA Cup was the 58th season of the world's oldest football cup competition, the Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the FA Cup. Everton won the competition for the second time, beating Manchester City 3–0 in the final at Wembley.
Matches were scheduled to be played at the stadium of the team named first on the date specified for each round, which was always a Saturday. Some matches, however, might be rescheduled for other days if there were clashes with games for other competitions or the weather was inclement. If scores were level after 90 minutes had been played, a replay would take place at the stadium of the second-named team later the same week. If the replayed match was drawn further replays would be held until a winner was determined. If scores were level after 90 minutes had been played in a replay, a 30-minute period of extra time would be played.

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  1. Gbirk

    Take My Money! 33 round 22lr pistol! Kel-Tec CP33

    Please add me to the list for this as soon as it is available @LuckySG (not even kidding). I got my PMR-30 from you and I know it gets a lot of hate, but I love it. Now Kel-Tec offers a 33 round double-double (quad?) stack 22lr gun. What could go wrong with that? TAKE MY MONEY! Kel-Tec | CP33
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