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Meh. Pure poly/AR shop. Retail prices.
This is my favorite shop hands down. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Some things I'm pretty familiar with and others I'm a total rookie, and they've never made me feel stupid for asking questions.

I believe their prices are pretty competitive but to be honest, I get such good service I wouldn't feel bad if I found out I could've saved a few bucks somewhere else.
I am not happy with their idea of customer service. I was looking for some special guns that Davidson's sells that they are all setup to receive. So I went in on a Saturday to talk with them about placing an order directly though them and was told to use the web site. If they ordered it would have to wait for them to fax an order on Tuesday (they are closed mondays) and from the web I could get it there by Tuesday. I was also told that if I used the web site I could do things like check a box for consecutive serial numbers. So I order from the web on Saturday and there is no way to buy more then one of the same item with out placing separate orders. So I drop a follow up email to Davidson's to request consecutive orders and to get a tracking number. I was then find out that they can't ship until Tuesday since WCA has to approve the shipment and they are closed Mondays... So the WCA sales guy had no idea what he was talking about he just did not want to handle the order. So the guns ship and I get see FexEx has delivered them to WCA. Great! So I head down there and they can't take the balance owed and sell me the guns. Only their book keeper is allowed to check things in and She is not working today. I was told to come back tomorrow morning.

I am a member of the WCA range and have bought several guns that were in stock at the Issaquah shop before and I don't think I will ever guns from them again. I was not happy in trying to do a out of state transfer though them also. They have had their two strikes.

I found out that LowPriceGuns.com (was survival arms) is on the Davidson's list but were not in the top three shown to me when I ordered. I have always been treated with respect and good customer service with them on both transfers and orders. I will drive the extra distance and use them from now on.
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The Issaquah store has the best staff I've encountered gun store or otherwise. Whether browsing or buying, I'va always been treated like a regular. I've both purchased and traded there and have left happy.
Great shop

standard/+ prices on just about everything, but very knowledgeable staff who seem eager to help out whenever they can. I've bought the majority of my stock from them, mostly due to convenience, but having that great customer service after purchase is a beautiful thing

I highly recommend these guys
Aside from baby huey, whom i've not seen there for a long time, the store and range are great. Ammo prices are the same or often $1 cheaper than wades. Wish they had more military surplus 7.62x54 and 5.45 for my russian friends.

The main thing is that they are friendly. They love answering questions and they don't treat you like you are an idiot if you ask a dumb one.(hey i don't own a AR). But they are very knowledgeable and they get most if not all my business.

Just bought a G19 for 499. Same gun goes for 549(or 589 if you use a credit card:s0112:) at wades.
The guys both at the shop in Issaquah and at the Range are great. I'm a member at their range and before it was open I always had really great service from their store. They once gave me a full refund for an AK mag that failed when I took it in to show them and they gave me a refund no questions asked. They also put some night sights on that I didn't even get from there (did buy the gun there), only charged $25 and had it done the same day. I was also really impressed the first time I went to check out the new range. I was greeted by a cute red head girl who offered to give me a tour of the range. She showed me all of the ranges and some of their plans for the spaces that weren't even finished yet. She was very thorough and friendly, it was actually really informative. Every time I go to the range it's a good experience. The guys are always helpful and friendly. Needless to say I'll be doing business with them for a long time if they keep up this great level of service.
bought my first gun in washington there. a glock 26. i requested to switch out the second mag for a g19 mag and the manager did without an extra charge :eek:

so when i say its a good place, that is just my experience, and i'm going to buy there again.
WCA is great for customer service, I'm very happy to live down the block from them. They just told me the range should be opening in about two weeks, they'll be running discounts on membership for the first couple months.
Can't wait.
Nice guys. They installed a sling mount on my Rock River at no cost. I didn't even buy the sling mount from them.
Love the guys who work in this place, and I think their prices-while not a bargain- are fair.

They're also opening a huge indoor gun range in Factoria pretty soon- from the brochure it looks like it's gonna kick ***!
I really like their customer service, and the ammo Ive bought wasnt that overpriced. Its not wholesale, but its not gouged. Pretty good prices on most things, IMO.
It's great we have a gun store here in Issaquah!!!!!

Not a bad selection of guns and supplies, but bring your checkbook, they are not giving anything away. Ammo is real pricey, but they do have it.