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I've been a "lifetime" member at the range for about 3 years and have been a highly satisfied customer for the most part. The key is going in off hours, even for the member bays. It can get busy on weekends, with lots of groups in the public area. Adam is always a big help and fun to swap stories with.

I've never experienced the rudeness that I've heard about with the store personnel. They've always been polite and helpful. It may be more about "show up acting like a know-it-all-jerk, get treated like one" kind of thing. The prices are too high. Clearly taking advantage of the wealthy area demographics and must not be hurting much or losing business as a result. I love spending money with local merchants, but there's a limit. That said, I have purchased arms and accessories from them after the sales rep spent quality time helping with decisions, options etc. I value service and will pay extra for it.
  • Good selection of accessories, ammo and firearms
  • High prices on ammo, firearm prices not in plain view
Been here multiple times, many people I know talk about this place. Personally, I've never been given the welcome treatment; quite the opposite too often. Don't like the pricing being upside down most of the time, so you have to ask for help to see the price. I recall a while back when they advertised new lower ammo prices and they were still higher than other local places. Haven't purchased anything here.
  • range at shop and a large selection of firearms and accessories.
  • prices are a little high but ok for what you get most of the time with the service and knowledge
good place with a range and good selection of suppressors, weapons and ammo. helpful with selection and options as well. Also my wife felt comfortable there so that was a plus. Can shoot most weapons they sell (if available) at their range but only with their ammo.

Good place on eastside area in Bellevue.