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  • Prices
  • Not a huge selection, but they've got all your staples. . .
I'm a big fan of Umpqua Survival off Diamond Lake Blvd. Its great for me cause I drive past it everyday when going to work. I buy alot of guns off GunBroker.com, and I tend to have them transfered to Umpqua Survival because their transfer rate was the cheapest in town that I saw. But after visiting their store I quickly realized even their prices on new firearms was very cheap compared to many places. So I tend to get my used/ antique stuff online, and my new guns from them. Needless to say, I don't feel the need to shop around much since their prices are usually on point, which is nice because some other shops are $$$$ (KC's of Roseburg comes to mind).

They don't have the biggest selection, but they can order anything you want. Might be an issue if your all about instant gratification.