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Reviews summary

Overall rating
4.67 star(s) 3 ratings
  • Multiple rifle ranges with lights at 100, 200-300, and 600 yard events
  • Regular shooting & training events on published calendar
  • Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays courses
  • 7yd & 25 yard pistol ranges
  • Action Ranges available to qualified users
  • 24 hour Indoor 22lr range
  • Wood Stoves with firewood!
  • FFL transfers for Club members
  • Open to the public for select events including annual hunter sight - in days
  • No 1000 yard access (yet)
Tricounty Gun Club is an excellent place to practice, train, and compete with multiple shooting disciplines.
Members have card key access to indoor facilities including Club House, Restrooms with showers, and indoor 22 range.
Thoroughly packed calendar of events visible to non members at tcgc.org provides times, dates, and contacts for a long list of shooting & training events. Members are allowed guests while following specific rules on observing guests within an arms length. Access to electronic target scoring at select ranges and events which enables target recall and analysis. Opportunities to volunteer in exchange for discounted annual dues.
  • Archery. Handguns at 20 ft & 25/50 yds. Rifles 50 to 600 yds. Indoor range up to .22lr open 24/7 . Outdoor steel targets for .22lr and black powder to 200 yds. Skeet/trap. Lighted outdoor rifle range 50/100 yds. Competitions if you're into it.
  • Must check ahead as some areas can be closed for training or competitions. A little pricey to join and about $125 to maintain yearly membership . Paper targets for any shooting other than the black powder range. Can't bring in reactive targets.
Overall a great place to safely shoot most anything you own.
You can use steel targets on the combat ranges. I think you can even buy steel targets from them at cost.
  • Convenient, safe, and they strive to continuously improve the facilities on behalf of the members.
  • Sometimes you get an overzealous RO, but that could happen anywhere. Just people being people.
Since joining 3 years ago, my family and I really do enjoy everything the club has to offer. It's allowed me to broaden the types of weapons I enjoy.