1. Reno
    Should have read the reviews first.
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Nov 2, 2018
    Like others here. I too was promised a short turn around, 3-4 weeks. Today, as of writing this review is week 12-14. I brought my rifle to the to be cut and threaded on August 3rd 2018. Today is November 2nd 2018. Yep 3 months. I called once around the 2 month timeline to get no return call. I emailed shortly after, again no response. My third attempt to contact, an email, was responded to. I also called that day, October 25th and spoke to Goldy who said all machines were tied up and that they would perform the service the next week. Well today is Friday the 2nd of Nov the next week and, nothing. I have not received word of completion or otherwise and will be personally stopping by to pick up my rifle completed or not.

    I do not recommend this company at all. They are too busy doing other things it seems to complete the services they WERE known for. I say known for as this company was highly recommended in past conversations. I think they either always weren’t that great or they drastically went down hill.
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