1. FireArm
    Worth a visit
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 17, 2019
    • + I can stay out of Pooptown
    • + Decent price for a transfer $25
    • - They are a pawn shop, so the costumers aren't the best people
    • - The $2 color copy of sellers ID
    • - Holding your hand to get prints
    • - They know me
    Great place to meet Portlanders so i can stay away from bumtown, staff are great, always friendly, always happy to see me and remember my name(rare nowadays).
    I don't pawn so i wouldn't know about that, prices are meh, some deals from time to time, i always ask for a lower price, its a pawn shop.
    They hold your hand to get your prints which is odd in today's world, and the infamous $2 color copy of the sellers ID, only place that i have come across that does this... Just to make $2 bucks, whatever, I pay it and give them crap the entire time. They know me. :cool:
    See ya there!