Will not be back
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Oct 9, 2018
    I'm shocked to see good reviews here. I completed a transfer to Fire Demon here over the weekend and had never been treated worse at an FFL. I made every effort to be patient only because I suggested the place to meet up and I knew he drove an hour to meet me there. Otherwise, I would've walked out after the first smart bubblegum comment from the chubby blonde lady, who I presume is one of the owners. If your business doesn't offer services that every other FFL does, you shouldn't be extremely rude when explaining your "policies". $2 for a copy of your license is ridiculous. So is not accepting credit/debit cards. Even FFL's working out of their homes accept cards.

    Once Fire Demon and I were finished, we had a 5-min discussion outside about the very poor service we received. I've had much better service at the DMV and I'm not even joking. I will definitely not be back. Too bad since the younger tall/skinny guy was very friendly. A Cut Above Pawn is a much better place to transfer a firearm. Excellent service and very friendly people working there.
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