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New Firearms, Firearm Accessories, Ammunition
Firearm Refinishing, Gunsmithing
CHL / CWP Classes
The Tactical Toolbox provides firearms, ammunition, accessories and training for the purpose of supplying the citizen with the means to defend his person, house, and family from the gravest of threats. Open since 2005, The Tactical Toolbox has branched into manufacture of a tactical sling for everyday citizen and LE use. We also provide custom and specialty AR15s as well as custom coating services in conjunction with STS Arms LLC.

The Tactical Toolbox has adopted a mission of providing the highest quality products at a price point affordable to the customer, fulfilling the customer's stated goals. This includes providing quality firearms, ammunition, accessories and training suitable for the customer's purposes. If we cannot provide quality services to match the customer's needs, we will direct the customer to where those needs will be met. Our goal is equipping every law abiding citizen with the tools necessary for the securing of both the safety of his family and the God given inalienable rights guaranteed by our Federal and State Constitutions.

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