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I would absolutely recommend working with Sporting Systems when it comes to a Gun Trust! Owners Dan and Heidi are some of the nicest people and very informative when it comes to all the ins and outs of the laws. Thank you both for all the hard work that you went through to make this all happen and make our lives easier as fire arms enthusiasts.
I had flash hiders than would just not come off my AR barrels (9mm and 223). They set me up in the vise, let me use the proper wrench, and now it's pew pew! Wonderful crew. Even turned me on to a better reflex site than the one I was using though I ended up buying it used from a forum member (a Holosun). Wonderful selection of tactical rifles, pistols, and suppressors. Certainly not the best prices available online, but fair. Their FFL fees are a little more expensive than others in town.
Bought myself a Glock 19 there a few months back and regularly go in for the incredible selection of AR parts. Some of the stuff is expensive but the customer service is great. Very nice owner, great hospitality, and an unbelievable selection of parts and other things. Wouldn't be my first stop for ammo or hunting rifles, but if you're into tactical type stuff, give them a try.