1. ob1
    Not what it used to be, unfortunately.
    2.25/5, 2.25 out of 5, reviewed Jan 5, 2019
    I first did business with John back in the 90's when his shop was on Lombard across from the Fred Meyers store. I was happy with his service and knowledge level..... was a return customer for the next twenty years. Fast forward to the present. John has retired and turned the business over to his daughter.

    A while back, I took a simple sight job in there and was shocked with what I had come to know as a decent business. I checked back with them for the next several months to learn of the progress.

    "Oh well we haven't heard back from the sight manufacturer", "We are working on it", "They sent us the wrong sight", "Your gun doesn't fit the part" "We are going to try a different maker", "We will need to mill out the receiver..(for a lot more money)". I did not give them a major project here. In fact it was a very common switch over for a popular model. Excuses all, not reasons.

    I finally called BS on this and went in to retrieve my impossible project. I took it to another gunsmith in the Clackamas area that had been recommended to me by another NWFA member. I showed it to him, and he grinned and said "come back next week'.

    I know why this guy has a high rating here..But for the current Shooters "Service" ? Not so much.