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  • Complete range for your shooting sports
  • 500 yards practice and match held monthly most months.
  • Membership is limited and only open for joining in Jan-Feb each year.
This is a members only club. They have had and have some issues that cause membership to fluctuate a bit. There are more rules than shooting in the woods. But if you are looking for a range where you can shoot archery, shotgun, and rifle pistol all on the same day this is one of the few ranges that allows you to do that. Rifle pistol is fully covered so even on so-so days you can stay dry while shooting. Benches and shooting fixtures available for each lane and members get to shoot 200 yard target or steel everyday.
Note range is closed on Thursday's for maintenance. Range is open for live fire from 9:30 to 1 hour before sundown. (Due to location it does get dark early there. So one hour before sundown is pretty reasonable.)