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Let me start this off by saying that I have done a lot of business with RW Pawn in the past but I won't ever again.

I went in there Tuesday to transfer a pistol and the owner thought I was trashing her business when I wasn't. I was telling the person I was getting the pistol from why I used RW and another local business. I said there was another store in Vancouver I didn't use because they had problems with the ATF. My transfers at brand X kept getting delayed and that's why I didn't use them. Delays never happened at other FFL dealers. After I said that RW got audited a few years ago the owner, a woman I had never seen in there before came out and said they weren't going to do the transfer because I was trashing their business which I wasn't. I had made many gun purchase there plus half a dozen transfers. The person I was with was in as much shock as I was. I don't know what their problem is but I will never do business with them again or their other store America's Pawn.

If you're going to do a transfer, I highly suggest Tropics. We walked in and they did the transfer no problem.