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Reviews summary

Overall rating
2.00 star(s) 1 ratings
(Copied per request.)

I've done various business with them on and off for some years and then stopped going there both because I moved farther south and their "meh" operation. As mentioned above, I had to travel up the Five last month and stopped there just because and it doesn't appear much changed. A quick review:

Selection: Decent, particularly long guns. Not super good, but not bad either.

Shop: Meh. Kind of dirty, disorganized, and poorly lit in some places. The broken Pepsi machine referenced in post #13 is still there, but there is a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Barack Obama that someone adorned with an Arab style head cloth.

Prices: Certainly on the high end. Not ridiculously high, but in no way competitive with other offerings. I've bought very few firearms there for that reason. Accessories are priced fine, but I can buy those online directly and it is at or below their rates.

Customer Service: From my experience it ranges from really crappy to passable. They also treated my wife like a piece of furniture when she was looking for another handgun and she never went back. Them returning a phone call or e-mail is simply out of the question.

Gunsmithing Service: This is a really mixed bag. For some basic jobs (e.g., installing recoil pads, mounting scopes, installing sling swivels), they did good work, turn around time wasn't too bad, and the price was reasonable. On at least two jobs they had me go through all the steps to get it submitted only to tell me they couldn't figure it out. And one, the last one, they managed to break the part I asked to be installed. They would not replace said broken part, but offered to install another one if I could obtain said (yah, dream on).

Final Grade: D+