1. Heyjoe
    Not reccomended
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jun 7, 2018
    • + Robert can be a fairly nice guy
    • + Sometimes cheap. As in, inexpensive. Until you have to right his wrongs.
    • - Terrible traning
    • - Doesnt tell you if he cant do something
    First experience i had robert order and install night sights on a pistol. When i brought the pistol to have them installed he happily did the work on the spot using punch and mallet which is fine by me. The part that irked me was that he was having some sort of trouble getting the rear on and pulled out a dremel- scratched the piss out of the slide. I wished he had mentioned that what he was doing was necesarry and that there was potential for the finish to be removed.

    Years later my mother and i took his "enhanced" concealed weapons class.
    This was an eight hour class with four hours of legal instruction. I learned absolutely nothing and was appalled to find that the vast majority of the instruction was robert babbling on incoherently about things not pertinent. Same with the "legal instruction" that somehow went so off -course that the sheriffs deputy who provided the instruction went on talking about vehicle head and taillight laws, proper license plate display and mudflaps. He even contradicted robert on numerous legal points.

    Live fire was even worse with robert berating and harrassing the novice folks, in turn causing even more anxiety for them.

    Do NOT take this class as a novice unless you are a glutton for punishment. I feel terrible for the many folks new to guns that had to experience this insanely terrible training.
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