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  • great work
  • not a shop, works out of his garage
Roger does great work. real nice guy!
I went to this place last year to have my Mosin PU scope and mount installed (stock required some minor woodworking before drilling). I was charged like $65 for drilling the 2 holes, woodworking, and install. Great deal. It was done that same week. This guy is very fair, and very efficient with his time. I just wish his place was easier to find...
Of the three jobs I've had Roger do only the parkerizing worked out ok. For values of ok that assume you want the inside of your barrel parkerized.

The AK that I wanted threaded came back with a crap bead of weld around it. That lasted less than two mags before the weld (which had no penetration) cracked and blew the slant brake off.

I also wanted him to rivet the lower tang on the milled receiver of the AK. That also came back welded instead of riveted.

Roger works cheap. Unfortunately, by the time you replace the parts he destroys and pay a competent smith to do the work right, it's not like you save anything.

It's like the only tool in his box is a arc welder. Sadly, he isn't very good with it.