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Overall rating
2.60 star(s) 5 ratings
  • Imprecise Work
A few years back, I had him thread the barrel on an AK.

The threads were not aligned with the barrel. With a muzzle brake installed, the bullets were hitting it and tumbling.

That was my first and last interaction with this shop.
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I will preface this with the fact that this poor reference is only based on my experience. Roger had a good reputation as a gunsmith. He had over 30 years in the business. I took a couple small things to him for repair without issue. I didn't have a problem with the few small repairs he had done for me.

The problem started when I referred a friend to this gunsmith to have a set of scope mounts put on a Turkish Mauser. I went with him for the introduction, picked up the rifle for him when it was done. My friend met me at my house. We tried to bore sight the rifle, but could not. It couldn't be sighted in. The mounts were a mess, off center, not inline with each other and clearly done by hand rather than on a mill, not even done in line with the top of the barrel. Mind you we waited weeks to have my friends favorite rifle F'ed up beyond use. I called Roger at Revelation Arms, told him the issue and took the rifle back in with the assurance that the rifle would be tig weld repaired and the mounting holes done properly. He called me in a week and said it was done. I went and picked it up for my friend, he met me at my house and low and behold, all that was done to the rifle was to adjust the scope all the way to one side. Roger had flat lied to my face more than once that the repair would be done and that it was properly completed.

My friend tried to call Revelation arms, but got no resolution, financial or otherwise, and instead stuck the rifle back in his safe for years. So not only had Roger screwed up the work, didn't repair it at all, didn't return his original 75-100 for the work, but also didn't offer to pay to have someone else do the work.

I've never taken anything there again. I've told this story to anyone that had an inclination to listen.

I felt so bad about the screwed up rifle based on my referral, that later I had my friend's rifle professionally tig weld repaired, bought a new scope mount and paid a qualified gunsmith to properly install the mount.

All of this transpired pre 6-2015.
  • great work
  • not a shop, works out of his garage
Roger does great work. real nice guy!
I went to this place last year to have my Mosin PU scope and mount installed (stock required some minor woodworking before drilling). I was charged like $65 for drilling the 2 holes, woodworking, and install. Great deal. It was done that same week. This guy is very fair, and very efficient with his time. I just wish his place was easier to find...
Of the three jobs I've had Roger do only the parkerizing worked out ok. For values of ok that assume you want the inside of your barrel parkerized.

The AK that I wanted threaded came back with a crap bead of weld around it. That lasted less than two mags before the weld (which had no penetration) cracked and blew the slant brake off.

I also wanted him to rivet the lower tang on the milled receiver of the AK. That also came back welded instead of riveted.

Roger works cheap. Unfortunately, by the time you replace the parts he destroys and pay a competent smith to do the work right, it's not like you save anything.

It's like the only tool in his box is a arc welder. Sadly, he isn't very good with it.

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As a MOD, I cannot share my experience with this person, BUT, I can recommend a Competent Smith for all smithing needs!
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