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The best gunsmith in the area and the most honest man you will run into. He has worked on guns for me in all three of his store locations and quality was job one. Hell of a shot too for a half bald guy.:D
Jeff is a great guy, I have bought 5-6 pistols from him and had him do a few smithy jobs for me. Great work and he does get good stuff if you keep an eye out. He has gone above and beyond in every time I have dealt with him, held pistols for me when I was short on cash, now thats good sevice!!
Seemed to know his business and has a good selection of "stuff". Prices are somewhat high but service is really good. Good selection of reloading supplies and tools. The hours are a bit limited but he uses the days he is closed to do all the smith work he gets.
Bought an AK there a few years ago. They have fairly high prices, but most everything is used, so you can find some hard to find stuff there. Good service and pretty knowledgeable.