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I have been through several different holsters for my carry pistols and have never really been happy. Then I met Ryan, he is a true craftsman in a unique field, where custom goes beyond simply cranking out a mass produced product that sort of works, but is always a compromise! My 1911 has many custom enhancements that differ enough from standard to make fitment nearly impossable, but not for Ryan, he took his time and really listened to my requirements and he custom made my holster and mag carriers while I waited! It's been almost a year, and this holster has not only worked perfectly, but has yet to need any adjustment, and the comfort level is better then any thing I have worn! 10 stars for Ryan, best holster around! If you have a unique pistol, or just want a top quality custom made and fitted holster, you cannot beat Ory-Gun Holster Co, Period!
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They made a holster for my CZ P-01 and I'm really pleased with it. It's not fancy, but an IWB doesn't have to be. It looks better than a lot of custom hybrids out there and fits very well. Fit is a little tricky for a P-01 because of the rail underneath the barrel but they got it right. I also like the polymer belt hooks. I have trouble with metal ones chewing up my furniture. On another order I needed some unusual custom work and they went way out of their way to get it right. Great customer service!
I have 2 holsters from him and have used them for over a year now. They look like the day I got them, excellent quality and I've worn then everyday. Excellent customer service also.
Ryan made me a couple holsters and mag carrier.

I am a perfectionist and spotted Ryan as one almost instantly.

He is a true crasftsman and artist who doesn't cut corners.

I'll be buying holsters for my guns and knives from him exclusively from now on.

P.S. I'm not a 5 star rater but this is an exception.

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Ryan is as good as they get. He makes top quality holsters for excellent prices and has the patience to work with even the most demanding customer to make sure he gets them what they want. He is also a well qualified AR and Glock armorer and can pretty much fix anything related to either. He is well versed with firearms in general and is full of great advice and knowledge. His holsters are the ONLY one's I use now and I look forward to many years of continued business.

I absolutely recommend him to all NWFA members 100%!
Ryan is one of the best guys that I have had the opportunity to work with. It doesn't matter if you want something simple or totally custom he treats all projects the same. Stand up guy with a stand up product. I would recommend to anyone!
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Ryan makes some great holsters. I've had him make two custom holster, one for my wife and myself. Both were made a few years back and both have held up wonderfully. I also own a handful of his magpul pmag holsters and pistol mag holsters. He will make anything he can for you. Which is what he did for my wife, complete custom drop leg holster for her Glock 19.
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