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  • Selection Available (Able to order in, quickly)
  • Prices
  • Friendly Staff
  • On Site Selection
  • Transfer and BG Check Fees
I found Oregon Rifleworks because I used to take public transit to Tigard and the Wes stops off throwing distance from their shop. In looking for a place to purchase a firearm, they had great reviews.

I called to see if they had inventory on a rifle and handgun and they told me that they did but it was reserved for active duty military or LE, but they could order them in for me. Their prices for both items were less than the MSRP, so I opted to have them order things in. It only took a day or two for the firearms to arrive! Impressive!

Completing the sale was easy as well. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I will gladly purchase through them again.

That being said, I'm knocking a star off this review for the Transfer and Background fee ($35 total), as it's not really all that competitive and for branding themselves as a home for a given manufacturer's products but then having only a very limited stock, such that they reserved that stock.
@tac If you have something to say about Oregon Rifleworks, I'd encourage you to write up your own official review instead of leaving a comment on mine.
  • Selection
  • Prices
  • Friendly Staff
  • Location
It has been a while since I have been in the store just because I don't get to downtown Tigard very often. But last time I was in, I was impressed with the big store and lots of good stuff available. The staff was friendly and helpful and the prices seemed competitive for what I looked at. I would certainly stop by again if I am in the neighborhood.
  • Friendly
  • Knowledgeable
  • Helpful
  • Great Prices
  • Not open 24h
  • No beretta apx
Love all the Guys and Gals, the redbeard is pleased. Even if it wasn't 1 min away from my house it would be my go to spot.


  • Friendly, Knowledgeable
Oregon Rifle Works is my go to shop on the west side of the Portland area. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. They have a great inventory of AR parts and accessories. They have a good selection of long guns and their prices are good. I buy a lot of ammo there for non common calibers like .30 Carbine and .303 British and their prices are very good on that stuff. Awesome people to deal with.
  • Quality Work
  • Good Selection
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable
  • Good Prices
  • Nice Space
  • None. Can be busy sometimes but I always find something to look at!
Oregon Rifleworks is great, when in Tigard I'm almost always stopping by here to say hello, or buy something. (It's dangerously good like that.) They have the latest and greatest of just about everything rifle + pistol, not to mention a huge Microtech knives selection. All the employees are very knowledgeable and know exactly what they've got on the shelf. Big selection of ammo, rifle + pistol magazines, optics, and TONS of EDC gear. Relevant names like Geissele, Radian, Magpul, ETS etc. Great aftermarket selection for Glock. Bought both my Zev Pro triggers there. Lots of tactical gear and holsters, even saw some QVO Tactical stuff there. Their handgun selection is huge, new and used. The overall selection in this store is curated and the experience is superior to shopping at a lot of gun shops. The owner is a great guy and a skilled armorer. He did a fantastic install on an aftermarket trigger / shoe for a carry gun of mine, and was quick about it. They also offer their in-house brand of charging handles, hand guards, receivers, uppers, lowers, and builder's kits. Trust their work and support their shop, we're luck to have these guys in OR.
  • Nice Store, Great people
  • Website details
Very nice store. Super friendly staff. I had a 9mm pistol shipped there due to good reviews on here. I searched the OREGONRIFLE WORKS website and both the Dealer Transfer and Private Transfer say $25. It doesn't mention the $10 Background Check. I should have called to verify. It is $25 fee plus the $10 background, so $35 total. I mentioned it to the nice gal that was assisting me that they should make that more clear on their website. It was my fault for assuming the background fee was built into the $25 transfer fee. This was my first time having a firearm shipped to an FFL. I did send a couple of emails prior to my pistol arriving, but never received a response. I wasn't too worried about it, since I had heard from the seller that they were approved. Overall very nice store and great people! I asked about a discount for NWFA members, but was told they don't have one. Now off to the range!
This place has some of the most helpful staff. Could talk with them all day. If you ever have any issues with any of your guns this is a good place to start looking for answers.
Found Oregon Rifle looking for a convenient FFL to Wilsonville. They are good on the FFL thing, convenient and easy. Nice store, private, tucked away but open and easy too. Used to be a bank is why, is convenient but feels safe inside as well. I'm not flashy or visible with weapons much. Nice parking behind the building, private. Lots of Law Enforcement on both sides of counter, as well as young men, and some awfully cute young women. I like that as I'm from Texas and grew up with girls that hunted, barrel raced, and calf roped.... They just add something to the shop, they have one of every kind and age bracket talking to you and they all know their stuff. They let you know where to go for lessons and the like, insider information, have a wide selection of materials and parts. Want to build an AR, this is the place, but they say they are interested and service "Anything with a Mag". Looks to have good price points on parts, builds, accessories and ammunition.... But, check it out and see for yourself!!!! And, they are just plain nice, and unpretentious. They're actually interested in helping you.... Really!
Stopped by today for first time. Great store. Nice staff and large selection.

They have a lot of high end stuff from reputable brands that you usually can't source locally or at least on this side of town.
Been wanting to check this place out for a while. Went in today and was promptly greeted by a friendly gal. Everyone was very helpful and answered my noobie AR questions and even helped me pick out a new iwb holster for my 938. Great bunch of folks. Now I just need to go back and pick up that Sig 716 I was looking at!
The have a decent selection of Guns and ammo, also lots of AR parts. Friendly and knowledgeable staff with gunsmith services. I stop in here because its close and they have the parts im looking for, I would shop here more often if they gave a military discount, but their prices are decently low already.
I watched them put this store together on social media and only recently made my first visit months after opening. The store is spacious and they have plenty of help on hand. I'm quite certain that, while I perused the store, every member of the staff found a moment to find me and ask if they could help me out with anything. Good amount of AR parts and a fair amount of handguns. The store is clean and well lit.

They do not do private transfers as of this post.
Was up in Tigard on Saturday and made a wrong turn that took me right by Oregon Rifleworks. Never heard of before. Went inside and WOW what a NICE store. How every store should look and be run.
I was recently told about Oregon Rifleworks by another NWFA member, who told me what a good store it was, with plenty of selection, good quality gear at fair prices, and helpful staff.

I was expecting "just another gunstore", and was more than surprised when I walked in the first time...clean, well-lit, BIG and not cluttered with bins of used holsters and other such foolery.

I went in just to check them out. Walked out with new Magpul furniture for a Mossberg 590, as well as night sites for my CCW.
Received great service, good advice, and a fair deal. No smarmy, know-it-all fud giving bad, opinionated advice. Just a solid, well-run store.

I have since had a rifle transferred in (FFL), picked up a few parts for various guns, and had pleasant conversation with the staff.

They have become my Go-To gun store. Well done, fellas.
I stopped by Oregon Rifleworks today since El Tigardo used to be my stomping grounds. Great sized store. Great selection. Super friendly...and I don't mean in comparison to Keith's haha. They had PLENTY of ammunition to select from. Complete Barreled uppers, stripped lowers and tons of AR toys. Definitely one of the nicest shops around.

A spacious, well lit store with a friendly, helpful staff (including the 4 footed one). Good mix of gun and gun related supplies
I'm particularly thrilled with the ammo selection at ORW. As a milsurp collector I tend to shoot calibers which are not usually available at other local stores: 8 Mauser, 9Makarov, .303, 7.62x54R. They have this in abundance as well as the more common stuff. Prices are competitive and I don't have to wander my way into a big box store.

Shop local.

That stock stuff is all very well, but do they have a store patch? If so, I'd sure like to have one for my rifle tote bag........